Åhus museum

Childs painting of the city of Åhus.

The museum tells the story of the town of Åhus, an important market place during the 7th century.

Arabic coins, pearls of glass and other luxury items points are among the archeological finds that can be seen at the museum. These findings give us a glimpse of the medieval Åhus and the life in the city among merchants, the monks of the Black Friars, the archbishop's officers, artisans and farmers. The town came under the jurisdiction of the archbishop of Lund, and his fortress is one of the ruins from the Middle Ages that still can be seen in the town. Every summer, a new temporary exhibition complements the permanent exhibition.

Free admission.


Torget, Åhus


+46 (0)44-620 19 03

Opening hours

April 10–13
11 am – 5pm
June 13 – August 9
11am – 5pm